Institute of Practical Psychophysics

Institute of Practical Psychophysics

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics in Omsk (IPP) was founded in 1990 by Vladimir I. Nesterov, President of the International Academy of Nonlinear Diagnostic Systems, a full member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences.

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics is a research institution focused on practical research in the field of bioresonance diagnostics and therapy.

IPP has developed a method of nonlinear (NLS) diagnostics. NLS-diagnostics is an advanced achievement of modern natural science, which helps doctors to make accurate diagnoses and choose effective treatment.

In 2005, taking the trigger sensor developed by Svyatoslav P. Nesterov as a basis, the institute created the world's first apparatus for NLS-diagnostics named HSS "Metatron".

By 2020, the institute has developed 15 models of the hardware systems.

Since 2021, the institute has been developing the field of distance medicine and plans to release an EHF attachment to the main unit "Metatron Z-100" (health apparatus).

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics designs, develops, manufactures, maintains and sells hardware and software systems.

High competence and responsibility for the entire product life cycle makes the institute a leader in the field of bioresonance diagnostics.


Studying feedback from consumers, organizing exhibitions, controlling the sale of products by representative offices and dealers of the institute, studying the competitive environment, agreeing on the requirements of a contract or orders, regularly conducting a SWOT analysis.

Engaged in the development and implementation of technical specifications for the creation of the hardware of the new software and the improvement of existing programs; carries out the development of design documentation; conducts analysis, verification and validation of each stage of design and development for compliance with the terms of reference; carries out software testing.

Carries out the procurement of components and the production of the hardware system; ensures interaction with production partners; also performs setting and adjustment of the hardware system; carries out warranty and post-warranty repairs.

Carries out clinical trials of both a ready-made hardware and software system and intermediate versions of software for the purpose of its verification.

Ensures that the requirements of the quality management system documents developed by the structural units of the IPP comply with the requirements of ISO international standards; provides methodological guidance for the work of the structural units of the IPP to improve the quality system, conducts a systematic analysis of the functioning of the quality system; organizes and conducts internal audits of the quality management system.

They carry out marketing of diagnostic devices on their territory, organize exhibitions and seminars in Russia and abroad, sell the products of the institute, provide technical support for equipment users, conduct clinical consultations and train equipment users. The institute is constantly improving the qualifications of its employees.