The Institute of Practical Psychophysics (city Omsk) was founded in 1990 by Vladimir I. Nesterov, President of the International Academy of Nonlinear Diagnostic Systems, a full member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences.

Since 2000, the number of IPP employees is more than 40 people.

Since 2005, the Institute of Practical Psychophysics has developed and is producing a hardware-software system for nonlinear (NLS) diagnostics "METATRON" as a new generation of information medical diagnostic systems with biofeedback, based on the bioresonance method.

The following programs have been created to work with the Metatron apparatus:

2005 - NutriSoft Emerald

2007 - "Metapathia GR Hunter"

Since 2011, with the help of the original 4D TISSUE method developed by the IPP, which allows not only to obtain virtual multidimensional images of anatomical structures, but also to highlight the biological tissue of interest - an "additional dimension", as well as to visualize bones, soft tissues and blood vessels, a number of models of apparatus "Metatron" with software have been created.

2011 - "Metapathia GR Clinical"

2012 - "Red Dragon"

2015 – "Golden Dragon" and "Metapathia Hospital"

2016 - "Sakura" and "Prana"

2017 - "Intruder"

2019 - "WellBeing"

Diagnostic techniques are rapidly improving, and therefore software versions are updated every 6 months.