Device and principle of operation

Device and principle of operation

The hardware and software "METATRON" complex developed by the Institute of Practical Psychophysics allows to form a given bioelectrical activity of brain neurons, against which the ability to selectively amplify subtle signals, extract and decipher the information contained in them, is manifested.

Information about a specific state of a biological object is collected in a non-contact way using a trigger sensor developed using new information technologies and microcircuitry. The trigger sensor captures subtle fluctuations of signals extracted from the average statistical noise characteristics of the fields and converts them into a digital sequence processed by a microprocessor for transmission to a computer.

The "METATRON" apparatus "directs" these radiations in a certain way at the place of their origin, in order to then decipher and fix them on the computer screen, where a virtual model of the organism is created in certain colors.

Computer models show doctors a three-dimensional image of internal organs in any desired angle. Colored icons of the 12-point Fleindler scale, superimposed on the image, allow the doctor to localize the pathological process on the organ model. Comparing the color scale of the icons and their location on the computer model of the organ, the dynamics of their change over time, as well as analyzing the graphs, one can estimate the state of biological structures and make predictions of the state of health.

To clarify the pathology zone, the doctor examines individual models, constantly decreasing in scale, built by a computer on the screen, until he localizes the pathological focus with the utmost degree of accuracy.


obtaining a qualitative assessment of the functional state of the organism in the form of a topical NLS-analysis;
control of the effectiveness and results of the implementation of various methods of therapeutic influence;
a wide range of research: from functional changes in the patient's organism to the level of chromosomal aberrations;
assessment of human adaptive abilities;
establishing the primary focus of a functional disorder;
assessment of the main parameters of homeostasis;
individual selection of the most effective drugs (allopathy, herbal remedies, homeopathy, dietary supplements, lithotherapy);
assessment of the adequacy of the load when playing sports (training athletes, in fitness centers);
identification of active pathological flora, significant allergens; - control of the rehabilitation process after various diseases and surgical interventions;
assessment of the organism's predisposition to diseases at the molecular-genetic level;
suppression of active pathological flora using metacorrection;
storing the results of patient diagnostic in the computer memory in order to track the dynamics of changes in the functional state.

HSS METATRON has passed extensive clinical trials. The complex is listed in the Register of the Ministry of Health of Russia, as medical equipment and has the appropriate CERTIFICATES.

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