Areas of diagnostics

Areas of diagnostics

The program allows, based on the characteristics of the wave spectra, to determine what type of constitution each subject belongs to. Determining the individual constitutional type using the program can help to obtain information about the characteristic aspects of life, such as diet, predisposition to various diseases, maintaining a certain regime that promotes good health.

In the screening section of the psychoemotional state, the standards of the main emotional states, such as hope, love, sadness, anger, fear, are included. Our emotions are certain biochemical processes that generate molecular structures that are the source of a certain field, and its spatial-frequency structure almost unambiguously reflects a specific psychoemotional state. Therefore, we must consider emotional disorders as a violation of biochemical homeostasis, significantly affecting the functioning of the organism.

This section contains the wave spectra of herbal (flower) essences, which are widely used in most European countries, along with psychotherapeutic methods for the correction and treatment of psychosomatic diseases. The main purpose of these means is to harmonize the mental and emotional spheres of human activity. Negative emotions play the role of provocateurs of the formation of the disease. The selection of radiation spectra of various essences for the treatment of mental illnesses and emotional inversions is carried out.

Allows to conduct a qualitative assessment of the main biochemical parameters through the wave functions of tissues.

List of etalons of inflammatory, dystrophic and destructive processes. This section contains the main pathomorphological conditions inherent in individual tissues of the organism. Each pathological process has a strictly characteristic type of graph inherent only to it.

List of etalons of nosological forms of diseases according to the international classification.

Wave spectra of the main vital microelements that play an important role in the regulation of many biochemical processes (redox, neuroendocrine, enzymatic reactions, as activators, etc.).

The main characteristics of infectious agents: bacteria, viruses, rickettsia, mycoplasma and fungi. More than 350 reference etalons and original images.

Wave characteristics of food products with indication of individual groups of products (meat, fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, oils, drinks, spices, etc.). Diet products, in connection with their medicinal properties, are recommended or contraindicated for use in certain pathologies.

Wave characteristics of food, household, plant and industrial allergens, as well as the spectra of heavy metals (strontium, cadmium, cesium, polonium and other radionuclides).

Wave characteristics of homeopathic remedies in various potencies and HEEL products.

Wave characteristics of the main chemical (synthetic) drugs used in official medicine.

Wave characteristics of biologically active additives (BAA) of the world's major manufacturers.

Wave spectra of medicinal cosmetics preparations from the world's leading manufacturers.

Spectral characteristics of precious stones and minerals with a description of their medicinal properties. The program allows for an individual selection of minerals that are most suitable for the patient according to their spectral characteristics, for constant wearing, as well as for the treatment of a certain type of disease. Using the specific spectral characteristics of minerals, simulated and emitted by the apparatus, it is possible to carry out the therapy of acute and chronic diseases.

Wave spectra of various types of honey and bee products widely used in Chinese medicine.

Wave characteristics of medicinal plants growing in different regions of the planet.

Allows you to evaluate the chakras, 14 Chinese meridians, biologically active points on the hands, feet, auricle (auriculodiagnostics) and the iris of the eyes (iridology)