Information correction

Information correction

Informational correction is an effect on the organism by a combination of various modulated oscillations emitted by the Metatron apparatus to eliminate violations of harmonic synchronization in a biological object.

This effect is carried out by the "Metatherapy" function.

"Lithotherapy" - a mode of action using the spectral characteristics of the selected mineral, similar to the "Metatherapy" mode.

"Phytotherapy" - exposure using the spectral characteristics of the selected medicinal plant.

"Bach's psycho-wave correction" is a mode of correction of psychotherapeutic disorders using the spectral characteristics of herbal essences.

The recording of information preparations is carried out using the "Reprinter" function - information-wave spectra of the recommended preparations (dietary supplements, minerals, herbs) are recorded as converted and enhanced information on a matrix: water, ethyl alcohol, sugar, paraffin. It is also possible to record inverted (converted to opposite in polarity and identical in shape) wave spectra of the microbial flora to reduce its activity.