Why us

Why us?

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics designs, develops, manufactures, maintains and implements hardware and software systems. Responsibility for the entire product life cycle makes the institute a leader in the field of bioresonance diagnostics.

HSS "Metatron" has no world analogues among diagnostic equipment due to the high degree of data visualization and the ability to actively control homeostasis.

We are developing dynamically: since 2005, the institute has developed 15 versions of software for the HSS. We are constantly modernizing the hardware and updating the software, supplementing it with new capabilities and standards, as well as adapting it to different regions.

At the moment, our database contains 12,000 reference etalons. The base is constantly being supplemented and expanded.

We provide a full range of technical and information support for our clients, including post-warranty service.

We regularly undergo clinical trials and certification according to the main criteria for the quality and safety of medical devices. The system is entered in the Register of the Ministry of Health of Russia as medical equipment and has the appropriate CERTIFICATES.

We clearly understand how to use the capabilities of HSS Metatron for development of your business.


  • safety, ie. maximum non-interference in the internal environment of an organism;
  • quickness of a research - average examination time of a patient is 20-40 minutes;
  • high informativeness of the NLS-method, which is especially important for making an accurate diagnosis;
  • low cost of the apparatus and diagnostics;
  • mobility and portability;
  • high objectivity when collecting information;
  • diagnosing and monitoring of pathological conditions at the early stages of a disease in the absence of significant organic changes of tissues.