We are constantly modernizing the hardware and updating the software, supplementing them with new capabilities and standards, as well as adapting to different regions.

HSS Metatron contains more than 12,000 reference etalons. The base is constantly being supplemented and expanded.

The current versions of the programs, depending on the model, contain the following groups of etalons:

  • types of constitution
  • virtual models of organs
  • biochemical homeostasis
  • spectral-wave pathogenesis
  • nosology
  • bacteria
  • ectoparasites and helminths
  • viruses
  • fungi
  • allergens
  • allopathy
  • nutraceuticals
  • homeopathy with the selection of different potencies of homeopathic remedies
  • HEEL preparations (more than 800 preparations)
  • herbal medicine
  • lithotherapy
  • trace elements
  • psychoemotional state
  • Bach color therapy
  • probiotics
  • apitherapy
  • food products
  • medical cosmetics


3D and pseudo-3D visualization system, more than 100 new organ models.
Automatic generation of a report (protocol) with three detail modes.
Expanded database of microorganisms (more than 350 standards and original images); added separate groups of standards "Viruses", "Helminths", "Fungi".
Automatic search for bacteria, viruses, helminths.
New groups of etalons: "Antibacterial drugs", "Antiviral drugs", "Antiparasitic drugs", "Antifungal drugs".
Expanded and updated database of allergens according to the international classification and nomenclature.
Quick selection of standard slices.
The function of automatic search for lesions up to chromosomes and genetic structures (with a detailed type of study).
Classification of process stages in entropy analysis.
Graphical display of the type of etalons according to the criteria: anabolic / catabolic and dry / wet.
Improved algorithms for localization of lesions, taking into account the type of process (anabolic / catabolic).
A new system for assessing tissue proliferation in patients at a young age. Backing up the patient database to external storage media (flash drives, external hard drives).
Saving an automatically generated report (SmartReport) to a PDF file and writing it to external media.

The programs are translated into Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, as well as Vietnamese.

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