The new «Metapathia Hospital» program is based on the «Metapathia GR Clinical» program and includes all its capabilities, etalons and functions.

Demonstration of the original Metapathia Hospital program

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In addition to the capabilities of previous models, the new program includes a number of new 3D models in Full HD quality: 

Internal organs 
Circulatory system 
Lymphatic system 
Nervous system 
A heart 
The cavities of the chambers of the heart 
Heart vessels 
Conductive system of the heart 
Outer ear 

New sections of the Metapathia Hospital program:

types of constitution
parasites and helminths
homeopathic medicines of the HEEL company 

There are also new features:

"Wide Vision" allows for segmentation, scaling and detailed reconstruction of individual anatomical structures of interest to us. In this case, the object of interest is moved to the center of the screen and all other structures that prevent full circular visualization are shaded.

"Multi Vision" allows not only to obtain virtual multidimensional images of anatomical structures, but also to highlight bones, soft tissues, vessels and nerves with color (four-dimensional color-coded NLS-information). The advantage of this method is obtaining accurate topographic and anatomical relationships of tissues, blood vessels and nerves of the area under study, which leads to an increase in the quality of image perception. Also, this function allows you to quickly, in detail, at high magnification, explore individual anatomical structures, including tissues, blood vessels and nerves in the format of interactive 4D rendering.

In the section "Traditional diagnostics", in addition to assessing 14 Chinese meridians, auriculo- and iridology, this program has the ability to assess 7 chakras on the Fleindler scale.

This program, using the 12-point Fleindler scale, for the first time allows you to track the catabolic (yin) processes during which information is absorbed.

These are proliferative and degenerative-proliferative processes (benign and malignant tumors, polyps, fibroids, mastopathy), which was extremely difficult to diagnose on apparatus of previous generations (Metapathia GR Hunter, Metapathia GR Clinical, Red Dragon).

Optional equipment and capabilities of the new program for improved stereoscopic visualization of 3D models, which allows the patient to create the effect of immersion in the examination process and better perception of diagnostic results - connecting a 3D TV with polarizing glasses to display organ models.

Displays a high-quality stereoscopic image of the examined organs on a large TV screen, increasing the quality of visualization of research results.

The new program for the first time makes it possible to determine six stages of the development of the disease: psychophysiological; energy informational; neuroendocrine; endotoxic, symptomatic and terminal. In the first three stages, the disease is considered easily curable, in the fourth - curable, in the fifth - difficult to cure, in the sixth - incurable.

The new generation of software supports Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.